Flooding between Nat’l Police Training School, Abeka Junction ends

Commuters and drivers using the Accra-Nsawam Highway have heaved a sigh of relief, following the stoppage of flooding between the National Police Training School and Abeka Junction stretch at Tesano.

This was as a result of a publication by the Ghanaian Times, in its Tuesday, September 7, 2021 issue, on the problem, and the subsequent desilting of the drain in the median of the road by the Okaikoi South Municipal Assembly, which has ended the flooding on the road.

After the publication, the Sub-Metro Chairman of the Okaikoi South Municipal Assembly, Ibrahim Tetteh Ankrah, organised a sceptic emptier to pump out water on the road and mobilised workers to desilt the drains on the road.

Previously, whenever it rained, the section of the road between the National Police Training School and Abeka Junction got flooded because the drains there had been blocked with sand.

That resulted in heavy vehicle traffic on the stretch because attempt by drivers coming from the direction of Nsawam and adjoining communities to Accra, to dodge the pool of water, created a buildup of vehicles.

Even the presence of personnel of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department to control traffic could not prevent the situation.

Commuters and drivers from Nsawam to Accra went through a hell of time travelling to Circle and the Central Business District.

In spite of heavy rains for the past month, the section of the road had not become flooded, the Ghanaian Times has observed.

Yaw Oku, a driver plying the Tesano Police Training School and Abeka Junction road, told the Ghanaian Times that previously it was dangerous driving on the section of the road whenever it rained.

He said sometimes water entered the engines of some vehicles, but “I am happy the Okaikoi South Municipal Assembly, particularly Sub-Metro Chairman, Ibrahim Tetteh Ankrah, quickly addressed the problem.”

Another driver, Evans Ansah, commended the Okaikoi South Municipal Assembly for solving the problem, following the Ghanaian Times publication on the issue.

“This is the reason why people are put in leadership positions. The efforts of Ibrahim Tetteh Ankrah must be commended and should be emulated by other sub-metro chairpersons,” he said.

Several days of mobile phone calls to Mr Ankrah for his comments on the way forward, proved futile.


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