Flood cuts off Peace Town in Amanfro

Hundreds of residents living in Peace Town in Amanfro in the Ga South Municipality have been cut off from the rest of the capital after several hours of rain on Saturday and Sunday.

Only heavy-duty vehicles were able to pass through the flood waters.

Reports monitored by the Ghanaian Times were that school children could not go to school yesterday because their parents were not willing to risk their wards wading through the receding waters. 

Some workers braved all odds to get to their jobs by walking through the water at the waist level, as it was a no go area for smaller cars.

The road now turned waterway has snakes and other dangerous animals on it, which threaten the safety of children and other vulnerable members of the community.

The assembly member for the area, Thomas Kwakye Mensah,  said he  was worried about the lives of residents and their properties, especially when people could not move about freely to attend to their various businesses having been cut-off from the neighbouring communities.

Some of the residents who are predominantly artisans and self-employed made a passionate appeal to the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) to come to their aid in terms of reliefs, including food, as they were virtually held in prison because of the flood waters.

It can be recalled that in 2015, residents of Peace Town had to travel a winding route for two hours to get to Kasoa to trade when a bridge over the River Jei could save them an hour and 40 minutes in time and energy in their daily movement.


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