Fix the country to demo against 2022 budget

Fix the country, a political group has stated that it will hit the streets of Accra to protest against the 2022 budget and fiscal policy.
The demonstration, slated for Friday, November 26, 2021 has been dubbed: ‘’Drop the 2022 Budget,’’ would start from Tema Station to the Parliament House.
According to them, the 2022 budget does not address the core issues of the structure of the economy.
“Having analysed the 2022 budget, we have come to the conclusion that the budget presents no hope for the people; rather, its proposed policies and measures will exacerbate the plights of the people and increase the hardship on us’’ they stated.
The National Spokesperson for the Economic Fighters League, Nii Ayi Opare Bay, stated this at a press conference in Accra yesterday.
The National Spokesperson stated that they were in arrangement with the Ghana Police Service on the intended demonstration.
He said the introduction of new taxes and the increment in existing fees and charges clearly demonstrates the lack of sensitivity for the plight of the Ghanaian people in their struggle for decent living standards and livelihoods.
Nii Bay said the electronic tax would make life difficult for majority of the people.
“We accordingly reject the budget; we reject the Mobile Money tax, we reject the bank transfer tax, we reject the increase in charges, in short, we reject the attempts to pile hardship on people and deny them the right to pursue happiness, freedom and justice,” he added.
The National Spokesperson stated that mobile money has become the prevalent means by which people in the lowest classes of society transfer money from and to their family, friends and business partners.
“Government has opted to increase the burden by slapping additional costs on the people for choosing to use mobile money as a medium of transaction,” he added.
He said in Ghana living standards Survey 7, it was revealed that 9.2 million Ghanaians cannot afford GHC5 a day.
Touching on Excessive and discriminatory Article 71 pay, Nii Bay said according to Professor Ntiamoah-Baidoo emoluments report, they are also to be given additional benefits and privileges.
He said Members of Parliament, while in office among others, are to be given free accommodation , car loan, 60 per cent to be paid by Tax payer’s money, free medical care for the MP, his or her spouse and four children under 18 years and resettlement grant at the end of the tenure.
The Spokesperson said article 71 officers were a huge drain on the public purse.
He called for the abolishment of the 1992 constitution and to replace it with one to benefit Ghanaians.
Nii Bay called on Members of Parliament to reject the 2022 budget.

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