Fix Adjena-Jakiti roads

PDear Editor,

The deplorable nature of Adjena-Jakitiroad is disheartening. It poses danger to commuters and inhabitants at Adjena-Jakiti in the Asuogyamang District of the Eastern Region.

Several complaints have been made to the District Chief Executive to find a solution to the problem at hand.

However, it seems this is not the focus of the Ministry of Roads and Highway and the Jakiti Municipal Assembly which have a responsibility to rehabilitate the road.

The road which links Marine Port to Adjena-Jakiti and leads to Akosombo is the only commutable route for commuters.

 Jakiti road is used by farmers in the nearby communities to convey their farm produce to Akosombo for sale but the produce perished due to unavailability of vehicles to ply the Jakiti stretch.

There is a market in the district called “Sapor Market” which generates income for both the Assembly and traders in the nearby communities but the poor nature of the road is having a toll on the economic activities of the community and its surroundings.

Residents are informed that an amount of money had been allocated several months ago for the construction of a bridge to halt heavy flooding but nothing has been done.

The roads must be fixed urgently to provide a safe haven for residents.

Richard Bamfo.

Assembly Member of Pesse – Adjena West) Electoral Area.

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