First Lady rallies support for KBTH

First Lady, Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo, has courted the support of Ghanaians in making Ghana’s premier hospital, the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), a centre of excellence.

She said the hospital had over the years received bad press which concealed the critical role it plays in advancing healthcare in the country.

“Korle-Bu is our premier teaching hospital, where a lot of our specialists reside. Korle-Bu is a national asset.  How it functions has a significant impact on our health sector and it is important that we all support Korle-Bu to become a centre of excellence,” she said.

Mrs Akufo-Addo made these remarks at the launch of a book titled; “The mother in the monster calming the storm at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital: Leadership at a tough terrain.”

Written by former Deputy Minister of Health and Board Chairman of the hospital, Dr Okoe Boye, the book gives a vivid account of how the “monster” KBTH was carefully and systematically dissected, examined and nurtured to promote healthcare in Ghana.

It further reveals the intentions that birthed the industrial harmony which the hospital has been enjoying for some time now and what it will take to nurture and sustain a serene working environment in coming years.

The First Lady described Dr Boye, a young man who had shown grit and determination in addressing the challenges he met at Korle-Bu adding, “with the full cooperation of the Board, management and staff of Korle-Bu, Okoe Boye’s tenure saw a period of a consultative, problem-solving approach.”

In her view, so much had taken place during Dr Okoe Boye’s tenure as Board Chairman of KBTH which needed to be documented to serve as both tangible and intangible institutional memory.

“Dr Okoe Boye’s book will encourage others to see the enormous potential of Korle-Bu not just to Ghana, but to our sub-region and support our premier health institution,” she added.

Dr Oko Boye in a remark said he learnt more about the institutional organisation, group dynamics, communication, stakeholder engagement, resource mobilisation and allocation, during his tenure at the teaching hospital, than he had ever done in his life.

“On assuming office in July 2018, I made it my preoccupation to diagnose this ‘monster’ with a view of finding a lasting treatment, if not a cure, to bring things under control,” he said, adding that “all these will be found in the book.”

The first nine copies of the book sold at the launch generated about GH [V1] 

150,000 to help support and reward the backline health staff of KBTH whose contribution to service delivery often went unrewarded.



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