Financial independence comes to those unafraid of risk, says Kirk Cooper

By middle school, most of us can happily recite what we want to be when we grow up. The children who exclaim “Movie star!” or “Astronaut!” are smiled at warmly but rarely encouraged to pursue such audacious career paths. This is how many of us join the rat race; we see the look of gentle amusement on our teacher’s face when we tell how we plan to travel between the stars, and later we instead choose to step onto the safe worn path. Kirk Cooper walked the safe path once. He put in the time and toiled in the rat race. All this until the day that he took a risk and stepped into the unknown. Here, Kirk Cooper shares the power of risks and the incredible places they can lead you to.

Kirk Cooper states that when he realized he was caught up in an uneven trade, he decided to risk it all. The trade was that of his irreplaceable time for an hourly wage, each dollar discounting his true value. He realized that the returns didn’t meet the efforts offered and he decided to dedicate his time instead toward discovering how to achieve independent wealth. In his self-study, he discovered the endless earning potential that online shopping mammoth Amazon offers. Kirk believes that many people trapped within the rat race do not realize how close true opportunity lies, in fact, it is often right at their fingertips. This is where those who dare can find their escape from the rat race. Expanding on this further, Cooper says, “There is a misconception that risk exists in some far-off foreign place, a place that’s hard to get to. The truth is that a simple resignation letter offers you an incredible chance to take a life-changing risk and leave the rat race behind forever.”

Cooper’s interest in the earning power of Amazon saw him launch a successful Amazon store that soon led him to earn his first million dollars. It was within the world of eCommerce that he struck true gold, and discovered the magic of automation and how it can transform a small business into an empire. He went on to establish Ecom Automation Gurus, which helps people learn how to fully automate and scale their eCommerce business.

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