Fight against COVID-19; schools must stay resolute.

The Chief Executive Officer of St Andrews Senior High School, Dr Richard Kofi Asiedu, has called on owners of businesses, especially those in the education sector not to become negligent in their dealing with  COVID-19.

He said the fact that Ghana may not be among the heavily affected countries did not mean protocol measures and basic hygiene practices must be abandoned.

Dr Asiedu made the statement when his school, St Andrews Senior High, received two awards at this year’s Health, Environmental, Safety and Security (HESS) Awards held in Accra.

The school received the award as the most secured facility and outstanding academic performance for the 2021 in the private high school category.

HESS awards is designed to identify and publicly recogniSe and celebrate outstanding companies for exceptional performance and innovations focused on occupational Health, the Environment and Employee and Stakeholders safety and Security.

This year’s event was on the theme “Recognising, outstanding achievements and celebrating business excellence and Innovation focused on occupational health, safety, security and environment”.

Dr Asiedu said in order to win the battle against COVID-19, conscious effort must be made to ensure that good hygiene and other safety protocols were followed duly in all sectors.

He said businesses and institutions should never underestimate the virus, considering the damage it has caused in some countries.

Commenting on the awards, Dr Asiedu expressed gratitude to the organisers of HESS awards for recognising his efforts in these challenging times. 

He also thanked the teaching and non-teaching staff as well as parents for their continuous immense contribution to the school’s academic laurels.    

Dr Asiedu said, “Receiving such a monumental award in COVID-19 era means our efforts in ensuring a COVID free environment and providing sound academic work in all our campuses are seen by many, and this award comes to motivate us to go the extra mile in helping our immediate environments to also follow our footsteps.

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