FDA’s recall of COA FS: public raises concern

The order by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to manufacturers of popular food supplement, COA FS, COA Herbal Centre to withdraw the product from the market over claims of unsafe consumption, has raised concerns over how the regulatory body relates to local entrepreneurs or companies who produce ground-breaking products.

The FDA ordered the recall of all batches of COA FS Food Supplement, manufactured by the Centre of Awareness (COA) Herbal Centre, from the Ghanaian market, over contamination.

It claimed that a laboratory analysis on samples picked by the authority from the market and the manufacturing facility at Wusorkrom near Cape Coast, showed excessive microbial, mold and yeast contamination.

But many Ghanaians have expressed surprise over the FDA’s action considering the fact that COA FS was on high demand following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Speaking to the Ghanaian Times, many observed that before the FDA’s order, Ghanaians as well as foreigners were patronising the drug which they believed has been licensed in Ghana.

They said there had been so many positive stories about the drug as many people who were battling life-threatening diseases like liver problems, cancer, diabetes, etc, had given testimonies about the drug.

 Some Ghanaians, including some top officials at the FDA believe that there could be other reasons for the recall other than the so-called contamination.

An official of COA FS Herbal Centre told the media that they have been cooperating with the FDA on testing of its products over the years and wondered why the regulatory body was treating them unfairly.

It said there was currently a backlog of new COA FAS products waiting testing and certification by the FDA.

The source said the FDA under normal circumstances was required to give some time to companies to recall products from the market by themselves before going public. But this was not the case with COA FS as the FDA immediately made the announcement after its so-called testing.

 The COA FS manufactured by the Centre of Awareness Global Peace Mission (COA GPM) is an FDA registered dietary supplement which supports the immune system to naturally treat and prevent infections.

The supplement has been the subject of media controversy for some years now for its alleged ability to treat deadly diseases with the latest being the coronavirus that has brought the world to a standstill.

By Times Reporter 

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