Faded markings, broken traffic lights pose threat to road users

Broken down road safety infrastructure along the streets of certain parts of Accra are posing a threat to the safety of road users, the Ghanaian Times has observed.

Road safety Infrastructure are erected along the side of roads to give instructions or serve as a protective instrument to road users.

They include traffic light, street lights, road signs and protective rails.

However, observations by Ghanaian Times over the past few months has revealed that most of the road safety infrastructure erected along major roads of Accra are broken down and are left unattended to by the authorities.

Additionally, some traffic lights were found not to be working and some road markings totally erased.

Some road users the Ghanaian Timesspoke to in separate interviews expressed concern about the development.

A driver at the Kaneshie lorry station, Nana Kwasi Adjei, said that some of the broken down road safety infrastructure at the sides of major roads had been in such state for more than a month without being addressed.

“These people know that these broken streetlight poles on the sides of the streets are posing danger to our lives but yet they do nothing about it because they do not care about us,” he said

He, therefore, called on the relevant authorities to regularly maintain the road safety mechanisms, repair spoilt ones and remove the fallen once to keep the street safe and neat.

A pedestrian, Mrs Rosina Sasu, expressed worry over the situation saying “it is also posing a threat to the lives of pedestrians as they can trip and fall due to these broken down road infrastructure on the pedestrian walkway.”

The Head of Communication, National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), Mrs Pearl Adusu in an interview said road safety signs were erected to make the roads safe for all users.

She said her outfit would communicate the observations to the Urban Roads Department which was responsible to the management of road signs to resolve all such problems.

“The road safety infrastructures are under the Urban Roads Department. When issues like these  gets to our notices we write to them, we call them, we assist  them to work on it so that it will not endanger the lives of road users,’ she added.

Mrs Adusu said the NRSA would make sure that all the necessary infrastructure were in place to make the road safe for users.


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