‘Expunge indemnity clauses in 1992 Constitution’

The Economic Fighters League (EFL) has called for expunging the indemnity clause from the 1992 Constitution in order to reflect the time, season and the interest of the citizenry should be paramount.

It indicated that those against the review of the constitution should convince Ghanaians why it should not be reviewed and also voice out their fears for a detailed relook for a new constitution for the nation.

“The rise of Information Communication Technology over the years has developed software and programmes which have been changing over time and we think about the 1992 Constitution as an operating document for the nation, within some months or years it will become obsolete which will need upgrading for new features which should apply to our constitution,” the League observed.

The group’s comment was on Joseph Osei-Owusu, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, remarks that challenges of the nation had nothing to do with the 1992 Constitution but had to do with questionable character and integrity of public office holders and when they change their attitude of handling issues the nation will be a better place.

But Nii Ayi Opare Bey, the National Spokesperson of EFL, alleged that some politicians were afraid the indemnity clauses in the 1992 Constitution would be expunged and that persons against such a review should be able to come clean about their fears.

“It is a living document, it has to evolve, progress, grow and develop along current trends and the people it is written for however, after 30-years we expect as generation have passed living under the Constitution it will be in the interest of Ghanaians to review the constitution to ensure it reflects time and season.

“It seems there is something secretive some of our politicians want to protect or hide so they are against the review of the constitution because as soon as the review of the 1992 Constitution comes up for discussion they are quick to defend it.

“Unfortunately, they cannot point and say what exactly is wrong or right with the constitution and challenge our questioning of some portions of it particularly the indemnity clauses but the constitution cannot place certain people above the law and expect the rule of law to work,” Nii Bey decried.

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