Experts at Mini.Katana Know that Customer Focus is Key to Success

When you run a business, it’s hard to figure out what your company should prioritize. Making new products is important, and so is marketing your current products to new people. However, many business owners don’t spend enough time and energy keeping the customers they have. Mini.Katana is working to satisfy its current customers first and foremost, and the business model has proved extremely successful.

Mini.Katana is a katana and sword company. They sell full-sized swords as well as mini versions for tasks like letter opening and pocket knives. Owner Isaac Medeiros started the business at the beginning of 2021, and it’s already scaled up past his wildest dreams. “We started by selling letter openers,” said Isaac Medeiros. “We quickly found out that there was a huge market for swords and katanas of all shapes and sizes, so we knew we needed to expand.” The company was completely bootstrapped, and they already employed 17 people to keep up with demand. Mini.Katana uses TikTok and viral marketing to get its message out to consumers. “We currently pay for zero ads,” said Isaac Medeiros. “All of our traffic is organic from our social media accounts.”

While Mini.Katana focuses on finding new customers, there’s nothing more important to them than people who already buy and love their swords and katanas. They attribute their success to focusing on their current customers. “We offer amazing customer service to anyone who buys our products or comes to our website,” said Isaac Medeiros. “We want everyone to feel reassured that they’re buying the best products possible.” When deciding what new items to make, they always pay attention to what their current customers are writing in and asking for. When a product gets lots of attention, whether it be on TikTok or sales figures, they work hard to bring it back into stock as soon as possible. Having satisfied customers is even more important to them than making money at the moment — because money follows customer satisfaction.

Getting new customers is significant. However, the experts at Mini.Katana believe that it’s just as important to focus on your existing base.

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