Expert Cautions Against Unhealthy Lifestyle

A Medical Practitioner has cautioned the public, especially the youth, against unhealthy life styles, a major contributor in devel hypertension and diabetes.

According to Dr Priscilla Nartey at the Airport Women’s Hospital, the two chronic diseases, were no longer diseases of the aged, but they have become prevalent among the youth, especially persons of reproductive ages.

She said the two diseases have contributed to infertility in both males and females, and dispelled the rumour that the diseases were ailments of the aged.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Ghanaian Times, yesterday, Dr Nartey said, “previously we used to think of them as diseases of the elderly, but now we have these two diseases prevalent among the youth, especially persons of fertile age both male and female”.

Dr Nartey explained that hypertension also known as High Blood pressure, occur when blood flows through the arteries at higher rate than normal pressures.

“Due to persistent elevated blood pressures in hypertension; certain neurohormonal changes occur as the body tries to regulate these pressures, consequently these neurohormonal changes lead to hormonal changes that affect the reproductive system,” she said.

Dr Nartey explained that “some hypertensive males have problems with semen formation known as spermatogenesis due to the hormonal changes that come with the condition.

She said “uncontrolled hypertension in males may affect sperm formation (spermatogenesis). Long term antihypertensive therapy may affect libido in a small population of men. It may also affect a man’s ability to have and maintain an erection; thus ejaculation is impeded”.

Dr Nartey said that women with hypertension had issues with fertilisation, prone to recurrent miscarriages and serious pregnancy complications.

She said “some women start to have their menstrual cycle, but subsequently do not have their flows forat least three or six months due to diabetes.”

Dr Nartey said apart from the irregularities in menstrual cycle, some women experience their menses without ovulating.

“And even when they ovulate the quality of the ovaries is very poor. Poor sugar control can also make you obese and once obesity sets in, the issue of polycystic ovarian diseases leads to chronic cycles and poor quality ‘egg’ formation.”

Dr Nartey said “Females have menstrual cycle abnormalities, they may have delayed menstrual onset of cycle (menarche) and may have normal onset, but later have prolonged menstrual periods or absent menstrual cycle (menorrhagia),” she said.

He said some women in their reproductive ages may have reduced libido due to poor vaginal lubrication causing pain during sexual intercourse.

“For persons in the reproductive age it can lead to reduced libido in females and the main problem here is that due to the problem of sugar metabolism, it affects the ability of the vagina to be well lubricated thus causing a lot of pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse,” Dr Nartey said.


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