Establish composite fertilizer plant at Danchira …Nii Faitse II appeals

The government has been called upon to establish a fertiliser plant at Danchira in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region to process the large volumes of garbage being generated in the area into fertiliser for farmers to grow food in abundance.

The Asere Sogbena of Danchira,  Nii Tettey Okoh Faitse II, who made the call in a media interaction over the weekend said the area was blessed with vast arable land that the youth could take advantage of to go into farming.

 He stressed that if the government was able to invest in this direction, it would go a long way to engage the jobless youth to get something profitable to do.

Nii Faitse II said processing garbage into fertiliser was an effective way of ensuring a clean environment and also promoting healthy living.

Nii Tettey Okoh Faitse said if the factory was established it would have a lot of ripple effect in the areas of sanitation, agriculture and employment among others.

He also called on the government to put up modern places of convenience for his people to prevent open defecation.

In the area of crime, Nii Tettey Okoh called on the Police Service to be more effective in controlling thieves and other criminals from operating in the area, for the place to be peaceful.

Touching on education, the chief averred that they had a lot of basic schools in the area, but they lacked secondary and tertiary institutions and therefore, called on government to establish senior high schools in particular for their wards to get access to the Free SHS policy enjoyed in other parts of the nation.

Similarly, the area, he said needed a market for the women to improve their economic livelihood.

Nii Tettey Okoh advised the commercial motorbike riders (Okada)  to form an association  in order to distinguish themselves from criminals who operated as ‘okada’ riders to tarnish the image of motor riders in general.

On his part, the Tamiawo Oblafo,  Emmanuel Nii Lantey, called on the National House of Chiefs to ensure that the numerous chieftaincy disputes across the country  were resolved as disputes did not bring any development to the communities.


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