EPCG throws weight behind LGBTQ+ Bill before Parliament

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana (EPCG) has thrown its weight in support of the Bill to criminalise Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender Queer plus (LGBTQ+) practice in the country.  

The unnatural sexual desire of some men for men and some women for women, and some people for animals is an abnormality because it presents a different nature which is neither common to the natural order nor life sustaining,  Rt. Rev Dr Lt Col B.D.K. Agbeko, Moderator of the General Assembly of the church, has stated.  

Speaking with the Ghanaian Times in an interview at the EPCG headquarters at Ho-Kpodzi yesterday, he said that any practice which did not promote life and conform to the natural common order should not be accepted.  

The EPCG Moderator who was reacting to the recent public discussion about the Bill currently before Parliament saying  “The fact that I feel like doing something that will nor promote and protect life doesn’t make it a thing to do or force others to accept my choice.  

“Personal feelings must not be a rule for human behaviour, especially under this discussion of sexual feelings, orientations and practice,” maintained Rev Dr Agbeko.  

He pointed out that the culture and tradition in the sexual desire and orientation of Ghanaians was life supporting and sustaining, for which reason any sexual orientation and practice which contravened the faith, tradition and culture or Godly practice of the people must not be accepted.  

“The LGBTQ+ is one of those abnormalities we refuse to accept and we say no to it,” Rev Dr Agbeko affirmed.  

He insisted that anybody in that practice was suffering a neurological or psychological challenge and, therefore, needed help.  

“What we can offer as help will be giving counselling and prayer support and also point to the natural order of the way life is sustained and promoted.  

“We must be kind towards them on humanitarian grounds but not think and feel as they do,” Rev Dr Agbeko added.  

He said that under no circumstance should such people suffering from neurological malfunctioning in terms of sexuality and orientation be seen as normal and given justification in the name of human rights.  

The Moderator noted that such elements talked about how they felt about themselves and but pointed out that feelings were perceptions and perceptions were subjective and should never be imposed on others in the society.  

“A man who feels like he is a woman is not a woman and a woman who feels like she is a man is not man; what we see is what it is,” he maintained.  

Rev Agbeko said that a form of misfit must never be justified in the name of human rights.  

He observed that there were deformities in nature; some of which were seen physically and others mentally and morally.  

Therefore, Rev Dr Agbeko said, they needed to be treated as cases of diseases harmful to the continual existence of humans.  

“Our doctrine as a church, our tradition and culture, faith and religious practices as a church does not accept LGBTQ+ ideas as authentic.  

“We believe they stir the anger of God,” Rev Dr Agbeko concluded.


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