Engage local companies to boost construction industry – Berves Engineering CEO

The construction sector in Ghana will boom if local companies are engaged to work on projects, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Berves Engineering, Mr Solomon Gyan, has said.

He said the local construction companies, like their foreign counterparts, have the capacity and expertise to execute projects awarded them.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian Times in Accra yesterday about the challenges and prospects of the construction industry in Ghana, Mr Gyan stressed that most construction projects were awarded to foreign companies.

 “Most of the jobs are given to foreign companies which is not the best. Ghanaians can do all the engineering jobs in the country like the foreign companies especially with adequate financial support. With that, all the money given to foreigners would stay in the country and others would also be trained to develop the sector,” he stated in an interview with the Ghanaian Times.

“We need more opportunities to work so we will be able to expand as a business,” he stated, adding that “this will go a long way to develop the construction sector in the country and subsequently boost the economy”.

He entreated government to help contractors to access funds to execute their projects.

Mr Gyan said the future of the construction industry look bright as there were a lot of competent and trustworthy engineers in the country.

“Berves Engineering in the next five years should be one of the top firms in the country as we remain committed to improving at every aspect,” he stated.

The company, he said was engaging in underground mining population.

He said Berves Engineering was engaged in  services such a  welding and fabrication, electrical and instrumentations, plant installations, structure and tank works scaffolding,  piping and civil works.


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