Engage content writers- Goldmann urges gospel artistes 

Multi gospel hitmaker, Goldmann has appealed to gospel musicians to invest into their ministry by employing the services of a content writer to project their works.

According to him, most gospel artistes fail to invest into their music due to the knowledge they lack in the field and this as a result crippled the growth of the industry.

“After singing you have to search for a content writer, be it a journalist or blogger to write for you and that will help people to hear about your ministry,” Goldmann stressed.

He observed that some of the gospel artistes were not using good marketing strategy to promote their music, saying “gospel artistes have to be realistic because gospel work entails money and they cannot work and keep the music in their coffers.”

The talented Minister of God indicated that using journalists and bloggers would be the best marketing strategy, hence urged them to adopt the new technology and get breast with the new trend.

He stated that the “era of analogue is no more so gospel musicians have to migrate from the old mentality to digital mindset.”

In order to spread the word and make impact, he advised them to desist from using their social media platforms in projecting political discourse or other irrelevant things, adding that “your ministry should be your ultimate focus.”

The sensational hit maker expressed the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA)’s commitment in educating gospel artistes on means to market their music to make their ministry yield results in the industry.

He appealed to the business men in churches and society to assist gospel musicians to enable them spread their good news across the world.

Born Daniel Agyin, he has two albums and two awards to his credit, currently he has released a track dubbed “Nyame Beye” which literally means ‘God will do it’ and the track is massively making airwaves.

Times Weekend (TW) had chitchat with the singer on Wednesday in Accra, to delve more into his music.


TW: Good day Sir!

Goldmann: Good day madam!

TW: How is the industry treating you?

Goldmann: Great, we are managing, God is still with us.

TW: Why this stage name?

Goldmann: hahahaha…as a gospel artiste I know people are not expecting this name but I wanted to brand myself uniquely from the rest of the musicians. Goldmann was actually given to me by a friend who used to say my life was like gold.

TW: Wonderful! When did you release Nyame Beye?

Goldmann: I released it last month and the track is really impacting on people’s life.

TW: What message does the track convey?

Goldmann: The track talks about perseverance and the need for believers to wait on the Lord because his ways are true and amen.

TW: What promotional activities are in line to project the track to the world?

Goldmann: I will be having a nationwide church tour next year; for now management has not set the date so I cannot communicate everything to you.

TW:  What has been the major challenge in the industry for the gospel artistes?

Goldmann: People fail to utilise gospel platforms and as a result many investors have shied away from supporting the sector. Lower patronage of gospel shows has hindered gospel artistes to get bigger platforms to showcase their talent. In the time that the music industry was not doing well, gospel music sustained the industry therefore gospel music deserves to be assisted.

TW: What is your advice to the public?

Goldmann: They should patronise gospel shows to broaden the scope for gospel artistes, also event organisers should include gospel artistes in shows. Even if you go to the abode of traditional priests they pray to God before pouring libation, Jesus did not come for the righteous but the sinners and there is the need to engage gospel musicians in every event.

TW:  Are gospel musicians up to the task to meet requirements of investors?

Goldmann: Yes! The mistake some are doing is that after singing they keep the track in their room without promoting it. The Bible says “Faith without works amount to nothing” so after praying and composing the track you have to promote it for people to hear it.

TW: Is the video of Nyame Beye out?

Goldmann: Not yet, but the video will be out soon.

TW: Where will people get the track?

Goldmann: It is available on all the digital media stores.

TW: What is your final word to fans?

Goldmann: My fans, music lovers and Ghanaians should keep patronising my music. I am also working on a new track, by early of next year it will be out before I kick start my tour. I am planning to release an album so they should watch out.

TW: It is a festive season what will you tell the public?

Goldmann: I wish them merry Christmas and happy New Year, they should show love and give to society this season, I also want them to know that every promise of God in their life will come to pass “Nyame beye.”

TW: It was a pleasure having you on TW!

Goldmann: Thanks very much!


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