‘Enact laws to regulate operations of foreign coys, subsidiaries’

An associate member of the Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners of Ghana, Mr Prince Charles Afedzi-Hayford, has petitioned the government to enact laws to govern the operations of foreign companies and their subsidiaries operating in Ghana.

According to the petitioner, many Ghanaians had suffered various atrocities in the hands of some foreign companies, but never got justice, partly because they did not know where to channel their grievances.

Explaining, he indicated that it was crucial at this moment in time for the review of the existing legislation on labour relations to include regulations solely for foreign operating companies conduct, in relation to labour, the need for benchmarking for the setting up, as well as compliances for foreign companies who were willing to set up factories and shops in the country.

He also called on authorities to always ensure the rights of all workers in the country were protected, while meting out severe punishment to foreign companies found culpable of committing crimes against their workers in the country, to serve as a deterrent to others.

“The National Labour Commission (NLC) with all the powers vested in it, must reposition itself in the stride to stop all labour atrocities. Perpetrators of unfair labour practices and other dehumanising activities by foreign operating companies, factories, offices, shops and offices in the country must be brought to book,” he added.

Ghanaians, who would aid foreign operating companies and their subsidiaries to perpetrate crime against their workers, he said must also be made to face the full rigours of the law.

Mr Afedzi-Hayford alleged that more often than not, “unpatriotic Ghanaians” who aid in the non-compliances to the laws of Ghana and perpetrate labour atrocities were appointed by Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, and GeneralManagers and Supervisors of the foreign companies in question.

The petitioner further called on Ghanaians to propagate the truth that indeed, the country was a safe haven for business and the gateway to the West African sub-region, adding that regulations put in place to protect the citizenry must be enforced at all levels.

“Safeguarding the interest of the nation and its citizenry working in companies belonging to foreigners must be made a priority. There is the need for the NLC and the country as a whole to act now so that posterity can always judge us right in the book of time,” he said.


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