‘Empowerment of women panacea to gender equality’

The Volta Regional women’s wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has called for the empowerment of women to ensure gender equality in society.

It expressed concern on situations where women are sometimes treated as “second rate citizens” though there have been much awareness and acknowledgement about women’s contributions to life and the society.

In a press release to commemorate International Women’s Day (IWD), signed and issued by Madam Fafa Agbai, the Regional Women Organiser said it is the “sacred duty” of the nation to empower women which is an important component and the first step in ensuring gender equality.

It called on men to realise and appreciate the strength and sacrifices of women and to know that women were not created to handle household chores or take responsibility of the home and family alone.

The release also appealed to them to support the career development of women and help in the home and a wholehearted support would boost their self confidence and would have a transforming impact on their way of life.

It cautioned women not to strive to bring their fellow women down the ladder since over the years women are responsible for the diminishing strength of other women, be it in the home or the workplace.

“Women need to learn to respect their fellow women and encourage them in whatever dream they have for themselves, the release said.GNA

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