Embrace electronic payment as a lifestyle in 2020 – GhIPSS

pThe Chief Executive of Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS), Mr Archie Hesse, has urged the public to adopt electronic payment as a lifestyle in the coming year.

He said the benefits of opting for electronic payments were  many and made  life more efficient and convenient.

There are currently many electronic payment channels available in Ghana. They range from Automated Clearing House (ACH) through GhIPSS Instant Pay to paying with cards and Mobile Money.

There are also many service providers such as utility companies, pay TV, schools and insurance companies, among many others which have set up to receive payments electronically.

Additionally, GhIPSS has lined up a number of products to be launched in the New Year, including universal QR code to further facilitate payments.

Speaking in an interview ahead of the New Year, Mr Hesse said patronage for electronic payment had seen a steady rise over the years.

He, however, said volumes could significantly go up when people adopt electronic payment as their lifestyle.

He indicated that more education and sensitisation by all the stakeholders could encourage more people to embrace electronic payments as the default mode of payments, adding that GhIPSS and its partners would continue to sensitise the public on the benefits of electronic payments.

The GhIPSS Boss said his organisation together with the financial institutions would ensure that their systems work well at all times with the highest form of security to enable people who patronise electronic payments to enjoy the experience.

Mr Hesse also challenged Fintech companies to come out with new and exciting products that would entice people to drift towards electronic payments.

He commended the Fintechs for their work in the past years, but added that a lot more could be done in the coming years.

Mr Hesse was upbeat about 2020 and said with plans by government to allow more of its agencies to accept electronic payments, Ghana would be inching closer to its cash-lite goal.

He encouraged the public to accept electronic payment as the new way of life.GNA

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