Ejura c’ttee report agenda to absorb govt operatives of wrongdoing-NDC

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has stated that the Justice Koomson Committee which probed the Ejura disturbances only set out with an agenda to absorb government operatives of any wrong doing in the matter. 

In the view of the party, the conclusion by the three-member committee that the late social media activist, Mohammed Ibrahim, may have been killed as a result of family feud was a ruse. 

“We take the view that the committee’s report is a poor attempt at cover-up. The report is full of faulty findings, flawed conclusions and deficient recommendations, calculated to shield from accountability the murderers of Mohammed Ibrahim and the perpetrators of the subsequent state-sponsored killings in Ejura by the military,” Communications Officer of the NDC, Sammy Gyamfi said at a press conference in Accra on Tuesday. 

The Ashanti regional town was thrown into a state of turmoil late June after the popular social media activist, also known as Kaaka, was killed by unknown men as the youth in the town demanded justice immediately after his internment. 

A response by the police-cum-military deployment led to the shooting and killing of two protesters and injury to many others leading to the constituting of the three-member committee, chaired by Appeals Court Judge, Justice George Koomson, to probe the disturbances. 

According to Mr Gyamfi, “the findings of the committee in relation to the death of Kaaka flies in the face of the facts and cannot be accepted by the Ghanaians who expected nothing short of the truth.

“No credible or verified evidence of a feud in Kaaka’s family was adduced by any of the witnesses who appeared before the committee to testify, because there is none because the party’s checks revealed that Kaaka was at peace with his brother, Iddi, and lived in harmony with him as corroborated by Kaaka’s wife, Sahada Hudu, his mother and family relatives. 

The late Kaaka himself, Mr Gyamfi explained, before his murder had spoken about threats on his life and indicated that should anything happen to him, Salisu Bamba, the Municipal Chief Executive for Ejura, should be held responsible. 

He wondered why the Committee failed to recommend any sanctions for the police and military witnesses who appeared before the committee to peddle falsehood under oath, an action punishable by law. 


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