ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development launches West African Development Outlook report

The ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development (EBID) has officially launched the maiden editions of its West African Development Outlook (WADO) and RENDEZ-VOUS quarterly newsletter under the auspices of Dr George Agyekum Donkor, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of EBID.

In attendance at the virtual launching ceremony were members of EBID’s Board of Governors, Board of Directors, ECOWAS institutions and agencies, bilateral and multilateral partners, and the press corps.

The launch of the Bank’s knowledge products is aimed at enhancing the socio-economic discourse of the sub-region, inform and bring value to ECOWAS Member States, and brand the Bank not only as a Development Finance Institution (DFI) but also as a Knowledge Institution, abreast with the socio-economic challenges of the sub-region and therefore better positioned to partner Member States in the post COVID-19 transformation agenda.

In his address , Dr Donkor explained that “the WADO is an annual publication of socio-economic indicators in the sub-region, which reports on the performance and outlook at the country level as well as the sub-regional level, with recommendations on how to navigate some of the development challenges of the sub-region in the short -to- medium-term.”

The publication is made up of four sections, namely, performance and prospects, policy options, country briefs and a statistical appendix.

The RENDEZ-VOUS, on the other hand, is a quarterly newsletter (print and online), which provides relevant and valuable information about the bank’s activities and a platform for sharing development content to engage stakeholders.

It is structured into news and events, quarterly focus, an opinion segment, and diverse content relating to EBID’s partners.

Dr Donkor urged all stakeholders of EBID to delve into the publications to better understand and partner EBID to transform ECOWAS communities.

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