Economy in structural trap–Kwabena Donkor

 Dr Kwabena Donkor, a former minister of power, has stated that the economy is in a structural trap deliberately put in the trap to serve the ends of the western world.

“Our economy is not what it is by accident but rather by design, our economy is a structural trap, we break out by deliberately breaking the structure, this is the trap we find ourselves in, it is a structural trap they have set for us,” he bemoaned.

Dr Donkor pointed out that “the country requires leadership which is patriotic, care less about politics,  as Ghanaians, we must be decisive, the government must begin to lead and provide leadership because leadership is not always about what the citizenry want”.

The discussions, amongst others, centered on macroeconomic performance, revenue mobilisation, the financial sector clean-up and matters bordering on the exit of the ECF programme.

Dr Donkor contended that “leadership must not be led by the citizenry but unfortunately that is what we experience in the country, it’s not always about pleasing the masses because the masses may be short sighted, decisions that will cause a change in our agriculture should not take a year to implement.

“We hardly apply modern scientific methodologies in our agricultural sector, when you have a growing population, you need manufacturing in order to have many employed, in times and season, we still import bottled water.”

Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund, (IMF) has given the nation’s economy a clean bill of health, according to an IMF team which is in the country for Article 4 Consultations, the economy remains favorable when the team on Wednesday October 9, 2019 met with the Finance Committee of Parliament as part of its

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