Economic challenges due to disobedience to God – Apostle Dr Agbalenyoh

 The Head of the Congregation of Theocracy, Apos­tle Dr Kadmiel Agbalenyoh, has attributed the current world economic crisis to man’s disobedience to God, the Creator.

According to him, instead of admitting that fact, current eco­nomic difficulty was rather being attributed to climate change, COVID-19 and bad governance.

Apostle Agbalenyoh made these claims in an interview with journalists in Accra at the weekend.

He noted that, Ghana for instance, had a national anthem which depicted that we had fore­fathers who believed that only God could help the nation to be great and strong.

Apostle Dr Agbalenyoh lik­ened it to Israel where, whenever Israelites sin against God, He punished them by making their enemies to overcome them. Apostle Agbalenyoh, however, said that whenever they repent­ed God blessed them and made them prosperous.

According to him, in Ghana “instead of repenting from our sins to attract the blessings of God, we rather resort to politics, fighting, and trading accusations against one another.”

He noted that, Christians were supposed to be in the middle and not to be partisan or take sides with respect to NDC and NPP, but to rather pray like Daniel did on behalf of Israel for God to bless that country to be great and strong.

Apostle Dr Agbalenyoh noted that if anytime Israelites obeyed God, they became victorious, but anytime that they disobeyed God, they lose.

He said if the country did the right things and obeyed God, He would bless the Nation.

Apostle Dr Agbalenyoh continued that, all Presidents of Ghana one time or the other went to the World Bank, adding that “the question to be asked now is that why is it that all our Presi­dents went to the IMF but could not make it up till now?”

Apostle Agbalenyoh noted that God asked Joseph to address the problems of Israel as they had sinned against Him in various ways, and he did it and God had mercy on them.

He said it was due to homo­sexuality and lesbianism that was why God had been punishing the world with economic difficulties, climate change, flooding, and through other means.

He said homosexual and les­bian marriages should be banned because it was not accepted by God and that if that was done God would bless the world.


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