EC denies Election Watch Ghana’s allegation of stolen BVR kits

 The Electoral Commis­sion (EC) has debunked the allegation made by the Election Watch Ghana, that five of the Commission’s Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) Kits have been stolen.

The EC said“the public should disregard these baseless and unfounded allegations, as they are without merit, as only five missing laptop had been re­ported to the security agencies and not BVR.”

A press statement issued and signed by the Acting Di­rector of Public Affairs, EC, Mr Micheal Boadu, also denied the accusation that the Commission was using stolen BVR Kits to register people secretly during the limited voter registration.

“The Commission never reported that Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) Kits have been stolen. The Commission notified the security agencies that five laptops were missing.

“The Commission subse­quently informed all stakehold­ers about the missing laptops. Describing the missing laptops as BVRs is a deliberate attempt by certain groups to deceive the public, in order to sustain their unfounded allegations,” the state­ment said.

The EC explained that, a BVR Kit comprises several essential components such as laptop, a fin­gerprint scanner, a digital camera and a printer among others, and that “these components must be activated all together for the kits to be used to register voters.”

The statement said “we repeat, the five missing laptops on their own cannot be used to register voters. We urge that the General Public to disregard state­ments from the Election Watch Ghana, as they are baseless and

 without merit.”

The EC reminded the public that the ongoing limited regis­tration exercise allows agents of political parties to be present at all registration centres, adding that “accredited observer groups and media personnel also have access to all registration centres across the country.”

The statement said, the EC has acknowledged errors made in specific infographics such as the infographics on the number of challenge cases, which the Commission promptly corrected same.

“The infographics correction did not relate to the actual number of registered voters per district and per region,” the EC said.

“The information provid­ed on the actual number of registered voters per district and per region was accurate. It is important to highlight that to date, no political party has disputed the registration figures published by the Electoral Commission. This is because their records tally with that of the Commission,” the state­ment said.


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