Earth Tremor hits Accra… epicentre located 1.5km offshore, near James Town, Accra

Parts of Accra, was yesterday morning hit by earth tremor.

According to reports, James Town, Ridge, Ministries enclave and the Central Business District (CBD) were the affected areas.

Residents of the areas where the tremor was felt took to social media to share their experiences while others expressed concern about recent tremor occurrences in Accra.

Earth tremor hit parts of Accra

Confirming the incident in a statement, the Acting Direc­tor-General of the Ghana Geo­logical Survey Authority (GGSA), Mr Isaac Kuuwan Mwinbelle, said, the earth tremor event occurred at 09:49am in parts of the Region with a magnitude of 2.8 on the Richter scale.

He noted that the epicenter was located 1.5 kilometre offshore near Jamestown in Greater Accra Region, adding that the recorded magnitude was indicative of the extent of the tremor.

“The earth tremor is a minor one and so it is not expected to cause damage,” Mr Mwinbelle added.

The tremor, he explained, was slightly felt in High Street, Ridge and some other parts of Accra Central and noted that since it was a natural occurrence, it was difficult to predict.

“The Authority is committed to continuously monitoring these events and informing the public appropriately to ensure public safety and minimise risk,” he stated.

Mr Mwinbelle said sensitisation of the public on awareness and response during earth tremors was critical and was currently being undertaken by the Authority.

He urged the public to remain calm and go about their normal activities.

Yesterday’s earth tremor in Ac­cra followed a similar occurrence on December 12, 2022 which has its epicenter in the western part of Accra, 10 kilometers from Gbawe.

The phenomenon occurred three times in the space of five hours.

The GGSA, in a statement, said, the foreshock occurred at 11:49am with a magnitude of 2.1 while the main event occurred at 11:53am with a magnitude of 3.5.

It noted that the aftershock oc­curred at 11:58am with a magni­tude of 1.8 on the Richter scale.

It said the epicenter was located between Wiaboman and Bojo Beach and was about 575 metres into the sea.


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