E/R Hospital inaugurates refurbished male medical ward

Management of the Eastern Regional Hospital in Koforidua has inaugurated a refurbished male medical ward to enhance patients’ access to quality healthcare in the hospital.

The male medical ward, which was an 18-bed capacity, has been expanded to a 34-bed capacity, a special ward, additional washroom, changing room for doctors, nurses and doctors offices, among others.

Additionally, a new endoscopy and laparoscopy unit was inaugurated to enable doctors to accurately diagnose diseases such as peptic ulcers, cancer, abdominal pains and bleeding.

The unit has been furnished with endoscopy machines and equipment, which would enable doctors to pass little cameras into the body to diagnose the diseases.   

At the inauguration, the Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr Kwame Anim Boamah, explained that, previously, the hospital had a challenge admitting more patients due to lack of space, adding that management thought it wise to expand the 18-bed capacity to allow them admit more patients.

“Space became a problem as we increasingly had more patients coming into the hospital and we all know that without space, ensuring quality health care becomes difficult, and so this project is important to give the ward a new facelift and ensure quality health care.”

He added that with the new male ward, patients would have their privacy as the place has been refurbished to have wards instead of the old one big room which used to house all the patients.

“Patients having more privacy would also build their confidence in the hospital when they come to access health care and we hope to deliver quality healthcare to them,” he said.

Speaking on the new endoscopy unit, Dr Boamah revealed that previously, the hospital had to refer patients to Accra to access endoscopy and laparoscopy services, adding that most of them refused because of transportation cost and long distance.

“We are happy to provide these services and make them available at their doorstep, and we hope these services would enable us to alleviate the trouble and inconveniences they go through to access such services.”

The Medical Director said that the unit would help to improve diagnosis and ensure it accuracy for the right medications to be given.


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