Dr. Gary Linkov: Why Choosing Your Passion Over Profit is Always the Way Forward

As per many experts and pundits, after you have garnered enough to secure the smooth-going of your everyday life, profit ceases to motivate or inspire. This means that humans cannot run on the fuel of profit alone. We desire to be motivated by something that does not have a shelf-life. Dr. Gary Linkov, one of America’s top lip lift surgeons, believes that passion is the one timeless motivator that will always be there to help one go forward in life.

Dr. Gary Linkov has been described by many of his patients as someone who guides others to a treasure he cannot possess. Dr. Linkov has alopecia universalis, an autoimmune type of hair loss. In being naturally non-predisposed to grow hair on his head, his greatest motivation became his passion for helping others deal with their baldness. Dr. Linkov says, “A loss is a loss. What’s important is what you do with it. In finding a way to deal with my autoimmune hair loss, I felt driven to help those who experience baldness. Helping others became my deep passion and continues to guide my work even to this day. In return, it has blessed me with a sense of purpose, companionship, and an overall experience which goes beyond words.”

Passion is what keeps the midnight lamp burning. It’s the coming together of the forces of one’s inner will to create something beautiful and empathic. Dr. Gary Linkov has been passionate about his work as a reconstructive surgeon, hair-restoration expert, adjunct assistant professor at NYU, and now also a go-to guide for his 90,000 YouTube subscribers.

In following his passion to help others and to heal himself, Dr. Gary Linkov has created a benchmark in the field of facial plastic and hair restoration surgery and enjoys a cozy corner in the hearts of his patients.

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