Dr Ahiaku to represent Ghana at CrossFit Games

A UK-based Ghanaian medical officer, Dr Edem Banor Ahiaku, has been selected to represent Ghana at this year’s CrossFit Games, slated for the first week of August, in Madison, Wisconsin in the USA.

The CrossFit Games is an international competition which aims to crown “The Fittest on Earth”.

Since 2007 when the games started, CrossFit has become a comprehensive test of fitness and the athletes raise the level of the competition every year.

The competition includes daily events covering multiple aspects of fitness, such as swimming, endurance events, weight lifting and gymnastic style movement.

The Games change each year and often the details are not announced until the night before each event.

Dr Ahiaku, a product of Leeds University who is currently doing his post graduate training, is a member of the Ghana Doctors and Dentists Association-UK (GDDA-UK) which raises funds to support worthy projects in Ghana.

He started training between his intense medical shifts, at a CrossFit Gym in Hull, UK in 2016 and was selected after taking part in the intense CrossFit competition.

“It is important to remember we have evolved from nomadic ancestors who spent all their time moving around in search of food and shelter, travelling long distances daily.

“Sitting at a desk all day long in front of a television set all evening minimizes the amount of exercise you do”, he told the Ghanaian Times.

Dr Ahiaku said that it was a moment of intense pride and joy to be selected to represent Ghana at the games.

“It has been tough, particularly the swimming which I do two or three times per week.  I have seen lots of progress in all areas.

“Hopefully when the time comes I will be ready to perform.

“I want to thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me in this journey, particularly my family, friends, coaches and of course God, he said.

Dr Antony Annan, a spokesman for the (GDDA UK), said “this is really exciting news, and we wish Edem good luck.”


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