Dovid P Fehler’s Insights on Becoming a More Efficient Communicator

A​ll great relationships are built on good communication. Communication is at the core of our relationships and inspires the kind of connections we make with others. This is especially true in the business world, where building lasting relationships with your clients is of vital importance. Dovid P Fehler is a London-based jeweler who has exceptional communication skills, and many entrepreneurs and professionals look to him for guidance when building stellar client relationships.

‘”The success of your business relies on how well you treat and talk to your clients,” explains Dovid P Fehler. “If your clients feel heard and understood, they will frequent your business and become loyal patrons.” Here, Fehler shares his three success mantras for becoming a better communicator with your clients.

1​. Start by building trust.

“​A lasting relationship requires trust, where the client feels that they can open up to you about their needs, their likes, and their dislikes,” says Dovid P Fehler. “They want to know that you are not there just to make a sale but to help guide them towards making the right decision and truly fulfill their needs. If there is no trust, there can be no communication.”

2​. Stay committed to transparency.

“​Remain transparent in all of your dealings with customers and potential clients,” states Dovid P Fehler. “The worst thing a client can feel is being lied to or misled. So, always ensure your communication is clear and honest. If you can’t do something, explain it right away so that you and the client can find a workable solution that satisfies all parties. No one should ever feel left in the dark.”

3​. Leave room for the client.

“​Whether it’s time to talk or some space to think, always leave room for the client to express their concerns or think about their decision,” says Dovid P Fehler. “Never pressurize a client to making a decision on the spot. That has the potential to cause resentment. If anything, allow them a little time to think things over and get back to you. Pressure can destroy a relationship, but space gives it room to grow.”

Dovid P Fehler is committed to building great relationships and isn’t afraid to let his personality shine through. “People want to get to know the person they are buying from,” he explains. “Help them see their dreams to reality and bring about excitement in their lives. You’re a big part of their purchase. Let them get to know you and trust you.”

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