‘Don’t underestimate integrity of the citizenry’

The Member of Parliament for Kpone Katamanso, Nii Laryea Afotey-Agbo, has observed the need for politicians not to underestimate the integrity of the citizenry because they  will always stand up for the truth.

He explained that “the citizenry knows what is right and will always stand by it at all times, irrespective of the misinformation that is peddled around about an issue which Ghanaians should learn out of it because  you don’t take them for granted, we have come this far in our democratic dispensation, you don’t underrate their integrity and wisdom”.

“When other aspirants decided to contest former President John Mahama, I said to myself, have they thought of how to unite the party in the first place, because we had divisions in our constituencies all over the country, that’s what pushed us into opposition, if they are not aware of that, then it’s sad.

“A politician should naturally be doing things at every location in the country before thinking of becoming a flagbearer, people should yearn for you to come, you shouldn’t go and impose yourself on the people.

“It is not easy for an incumbent to be contested if the other contestants have not done enough for the citizenry to ask for them, otherwise the aspirants will end up attacking the incumbent, if he has destroyed himself, it is the people who will tell him and not an individual.”

Contributing to the discussion, Mr. James Enu, a former National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for the Tema West Constituency, indicated that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) came into office on the back of many promises and should they fail to actualise its promises, the Ghanaian voter would naturally return to the NDC for their solutions.

 “If we are able to organise ourselves well, go with a united front, are able to cut out the infighting, all that bedeviled us during the last elections, we will be able to win the next elections with a wide margin.”

 Isaac Robert Pobee, the NDC Chairman for Tema West Constituency, noted that after the election, he was expecting the top NDC hierarchy to unite all the aspirants because their votes were needed in the 2020 elections, even if they were few. –GNA

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