Don’t tolerate ‘beef’ in gospel industry–Tilly

She describes herself as a worshipper and prefers to take each day and opportunity as it comes. Known in the gospel music circles as “Minister Tilly” but birth named Matilda Ashong, the student nurse cum worshipper hopes to impact thousands of lives positively as she is “directed by the Holy Spirit”.

It was one of such directions that led to the conception of the “Feast of Worship” (FOW) annual concert which focuses on the youth, particularly, inspiring and connecting them to their Creator in an atmosphere of praise and worship.

This year’s edition which took place last Sunday at the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG), Calvary Congregation in Accra, brought together hundreds of patrons who virtually poured their hearts out unto God in true worship.

Bringing together seasoned gospel ministers such as “Jumbo” hit maker, Kesewaa Kessy, Minister Bright, KingsPraiz and one of Ghana’s sensational gospel dance group, “God’s Face”, the live recording gave patrons a good run for their time.

The Times Weekend, (TW) caught up with the ‘Minister’ after a sterling performance on the night and the following chat ensued.

TW: Merrhn! This is what we call don’t mind the body, mind the engine. Very powerful performance how did this start for you? Komics Ministry?

Tilly: (in smiles) Well, I have always been passionate about the things of God, particularly the singing ministry and this concert was initiated to bring young people closer to God in worship.

“Komics Ministry”, was actually carved out of my middle name, “Komiokor” to drive my passion for singing and with the help of God and some friends we have come this far.

TW: Inspiring! So, a bird whispered that you hope to become a DDNS (Deputy Director of Nursing Services) and actually pursuing it and combining that with ministry? How is that going?

Tilly: Hmm, it has not been easy combining studies and ministry but I try to sacrifice where need be and find time to do both, God has been good and seen me through each semester.

TW: So would you advise someone with a similar passion to go ahead and pursue it especially in this era where the quest for money has overshadowed the minds of people?

Tilly: Yes! It won’t be easy in the beginning, that, I must admit but it’s all about sacrifice. We must learn to trust God and gradually He will see us through.

TW: So still on the issue of money. There have been debates on whether gospel artistes should expect monetary gift from organisers of events, what is your take on that?

Tilly: Well, my take on that is, I do not think we can really pay gospel ministers for what they do. I think we should look at the motive for which such monies are given. If it is that we appreciate their work and are showing appreciation in the form of money, then I don’t think that is bad.

TW: But would you offer a charge before ministering at a gospel event?

Tilly: (laughs) No!


TW: Okay! Now another issue gradually creeping into the gospel arena is the issue of beefs. I mean we get to hear issues of backstabbing here and there, no trust among fellow musicians. I mean we recently heard a certain Paa Boateng jabbing Joe Mettle. What’s your take on that?

Tilly: Hmmm, we just have to understand what we are doing and who we are doing it for. We must not give room for such attitudes, I think if we get to truly understand all that we are doing, then we will have different mindsets about such issues.

TW: Interesting, so let’s come back to you. The way you were giving some serious dance moves erh, what should your followers and fans expect from your camp in coming years.

Tilly: (giggling) Well, I have some songs written and working on them. I hope to do my best and climb higher as the Lord strengthens me.

TW: Any advice you would want to share with your colleagues in the gospel fraternity?

Tilly: Let’s keep up the sacrifices and give our all to the Lord’s work. We shouldn’t look at what we are gaining but the impact we make because after all, in the end, what do we gain than to present to our maker what we were able to do for him.

TW: It’s been lovely speaking with you. Thanks for the time!

Tilly: The pleasure is mine.


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