Don’t reject female nominees-Assembly members urged

Josephine Ansaa Inkoom, the president’s nominee for the District Chief Executive for Ayensuano has appealed to the various Assembly members across the country, not to reject female nominees but give them massive endorsement during their confirmation.

“The situation where female nominees are being rejected should be a wake-up call to all stakeholders in the decentralisation concept to investigate and come out with reasons why women are being rejected by the assembly members,” she quizzed.

Ms Inkoom stressed on the need to investigation mass rejection of women to find out reasons and resolve them because both counterparts must work together to accelerate socioeconomic development of communities.

The Eastern Region had five female nominees for Municipal and District Chief Executives who are Akosua Asabea Annan for Abuakwa South Municipality, Madam Inkoom for Ayensuano, Comfort Asante for New Juaben North Municipality, Margaret Darko for Suhum Municipality, and Victoria Adu for Birim Central Municipality.

Comfort Asante for New Juaben North Municipal and Victoria Adu for Birim Central Municipal had been voted against by their various assemblies.

According to Madam Inkoom, “if men are in governance, it is good the same way that when women are also in governance so women should not be rejected by assemblies since we can organise people better and if we are not part of governance, it will not augur well for the nation.

“I plead that women nominated by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo would be confirmed in good faith and we will also respect and work with our male counterparts because we need each other to transform our communities,” she stated.

Commenting on her confirmation, which is scheduled for October 13, in the district, Madam Inkoom expressed optimism she would secure 100 per cent endorsement from the 40 assembly members and was ready to also serve them to ensure progress, growth and development of the area.

She noted that with peace, unity, harmony and cohesion between the assembly and other stakeholders to uplift the district from the current state to the next level and promised not to discriminate against anybody in the district.

“Factions in the district will not help, I will be a unifier to bring both New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) members and supporters together to work as a team for development,” Madam Inkoom assured.

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