Don’t promote sensationalism—Affail Monney

The Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) has cautioned journalists against reportage that undermines the sovereignty of the country and threatens security as the December elections approaches.

It said while respecting the rights of Ghanaians to express their inalienable rights and legitimate concerns, the media should be mindful of the constitutional order and not promote sensationalism.

A statement issued in Accra on Monday by Roland Affail Monney, the GJA President, said media coverage and analysis of acts of criminality by the Homeland Study group, for instance, should not promote sensationalism and irredentism.

 “The GJA is aware that there are historic antecedents to the current agitations that stem from the 1956 United Nations plebiscite which created a unitary Ghana”, it said.

It said as far as the GJA was concerned, apart from the 16 recognised regions that constituted the country there was no part of the country called Western Togoland.

The association, therefore, urged the leadership of the various political parties and stakeholders to cooperate with the security agencies and facilitate a resolution to the agitation.


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