‘Don’t be influenced by quick money’

Young people have been advised not to be influenced by ‘quick money’ but rather set goals that will build a secure future for them.

Speaking at a day’s mentorship programme for young people at Jamestown in Accra over the weekend, a motivational speaker, Mr Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah, said “anything that comes in quick, especially without effort, also goes quick. When you want things without working, you reap the consequences of it”.

The programme was organised by No Limits Charity Organisation in partnership with Changing African Lives Foundation to equip and empower young people to be resourceful and proactive citizens.

According to him, the challenge of young people today was that “they want everything nice, but they will not be prepared to work towards what would bring that everything nice into fruition, even it was against universal law”.

Mr Yeboah indicated that the surest way to a successful life was determination, focus, vision and hard work, adding, “The human body is not designed to sit at one place. Humans were design to work and so young people must do away with excuses and find something better doing to equip their lives”.

He said successful people were driven by positive actions and had positive mindset of contributing to the development of the country, hence the need for young people to avoid unnecessary fame and quick money and stay focused to better their lives.

A counsel psychologist at the University of Ghana, Ms Edwina Paintsil, encouraged the young people to be determined and focused on the way they think if they wanted to become successful persons.

She said that would help them identify their God-given talents and work towards it.

“As young people, they must not look at every issue with a sense of hopelessness, but instead be positive about every situation and mentor older people to climb higher,” she stated.

The Executive Director of No Limits Charity Organisation, Ms Rita Esinam Garglo, said the programme formed part of the organisation’s 12th anniversary to empower young people in Jamestown.

She said following the negative perception about Jamestown, it was important young people were equipped and empowered to change the perception that they could also become better persons in future.

“So through this mentorship programme, these children can be motivated to know that indeed they are not left behind but can also make it in life,” she said.


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