Don’t Be Afraid of Failures; Leverage Them as Lessons to Become Better — Jason Harward

We fear failures. In fact, the fear of failure is so much greater than the failure itself that many of us don’t even try to make things happen or bring ideas to life. As a result, the world never gets to see manifestations that die with us. Utah-based e-commerce entrepreneur Jason Harward believes we can change the game by thinking of fears as lessons.

Failure is just a point in the circuitry that needs attention. Jason believes “the outcomes of efforts are just plain and true data that point to areas that need attention. It is very important to study your failures. In treating failure as a subject of study and scrutiny, one stands to ascend to a higher level of thought, problem-solving techniques, and creativity.”

“The mind is a place of magic,” says Jason. He believes in the power of imagination, which modern-day physicists working in the area of quantum physics are claiming to be the reality of our very existence. He adds, “Try calling failure a success, and your whole perspective changes. By a small change in point of view, one can determine whether they are still in the game or if they are down and out. Failure is proof that there is more work to be done and a long way to go. It has the power to drive you to work more, be more efficient, and original. In that sense of failure is true success.” Unconventional, yet not without its iota of common sense, don’t you agree?

It’s better to fail than to not attempt at all. Only the living can attempt a task and, therefore, succeed or fail. Those that are lifeless have no share in this nature of existence. Adding scientific merit to his claim, Jason says, “We humans evolved over billions of years, with multiple layers of complexity, precision, and uncertainty to arrive at the place we are in now. The man who struck the surface of stones to produce the first fire must certainly have struck the stones more than once. And through that repetitive, unceasing effort was born this world that we so intimately occupy, and we must accept them as a part and parcel of life itself.”

Failures are the building blocks of life. It allows new things to come to life. A painful process, but one that we all must go through in due course.

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