Don downplays impact of alliance of aspirants against Mahama

A Political Science Lecturer of the University of Ghana, Dr Kwame Asah-Asante has downplayed the weight of an alliance of five presidential aspirants in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) against the chances of former President John Mahama.


He noted that the former President’s chances to lead the party in the 2020 general election would not be scathed by the alliance of his lesser-known contender but rather highlight his chances ahead of the primary in December 2018.


Dr Asah-Asante noted that the challenge within the five aspirants was who they would have to accept as the leader in case they win and who would be the running mate.


However, Sylvester Mensah, a presidential candidate aspirant, without naming the other four had indicated in an interview that “they have a common understanding that the party needs to have a different presidential candidate for the 2020 general election.”


But Dr Asah-Asante suggested that the impact of the said alliance of five would have been greater had it been an inter-party contest.


“There are considerations for internal party elections, if you want to select a candidate for the next elections, the variables are a little different from the national one and the former President should not be worried.


“Another variable that we can also look at is whether the candidate is sellable or not, and by sellable we are talking about what type of candidate do we need to match our main opponent in the next election, former President  Mahama remains the most sellable candidate,” Dr Asah-Asante predicted. –

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