Doe Adjaho: Economic hardships not silver platter for NDC Election 2024 victory

 A Former Speaker of Par­liament, Edward Doe Adjaho, has cautioned the National Demo­cratic Congress (NDC) not to be complacent and expect victory on a silver platter in 2024 because of current cost of living and eco­nomic hardships.

He explained that the party must remain resolute, peaceful, united and focused on securing victory since it would not be enough for NDC to rely on the current economic crisis to fuel their campaign for victory.

“It is not sufficient to guaran­tee the party victory in the 2024 general election so we should not be complacent as a party and the mid-term elections in the United States have taught us hardships alone, inflation and the economy cannot win an election,” Mr Adja­ho warned.

Speaking ahead of the NDC’s Volta Regional Delegates Confer­ence in Ho, he insisted that hard­ships and cost of living are factors but they are not sufficient to use them to expect victory but rather work hard, be united, peaceful, focused and resolute within the NDC fold and not be complacent.

Mr Adjaho urged the NDC to strictly adhere to the ideals of probity, transparency and account­ability so that the party did not disintegrate when victory eluded the party in 2024 adding that they must sacrifice for the party to be able to achieve another electoral success in 2024.

“In recent times we have lost focus and we are on a trajecto­ry of deviating from the party’s values and principles and we must not to be complacent going into the 2024 elections to expect victory but let us go back to the principles that brought the NDC into being.

“I can assure you if we ad­here to the principles of probity, transparency, accountability and integrity we can defeat New Pa­triotic Party (NPP) in any day and anytime in future elections but when we also want to play their game, they will defeat us because they are better at making money than us because they are property owning democrats and we are not, we are social democrats.

“NDC puts people at the centre of whatever we do, we have to win the 2024 elections otherwise our party will be disintegrated so let us sacrifice for our party for once because the current econom­ic crisis in the country may not be enough to win the 2024 elections for NDC and we must come out of our reorganisation exercise steadfast, resolute, united and focused,” Mr Adjaho averred

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