Dismissed doctor appeals for compensation

A 46-year-old medical practitioner,Dr. Francis Ibrahim-Betonsi, who was wrongfully dismissed by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) in December 2012, and reinstated in 2019has appealed to the National Labour Commission(NLC) to prevail upon the GHS to pay him his six years compensation packages and Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) contributions.

Speaking to the media here on Monday, Dr Ibrahim-Betonsi, explained that his wrongful dismissal also affected his promotion, placing his colleagues ahead of him and called on the NLC to help address that problem.

Dr Ibrahim-Betonsiwho is currently working with the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital said although he was working hard to address the health needs of the patients, he could have done far better if his plight was addressed and lamented that the problem, when not addressed would have a dire consequence on his life if he went on retirement.

“Apart from that I owe a lot of people.Due to my wrongful dismiss alI went into borrowing to survive with my family and as at nowI am still paying debts,” he lamented.

He stated that he was compelled by the GHS to undergo series of psychiatry assessments which vindicated him and that inspite of the vindication, they still insisted that more psychiatry assessments be conducted on me which he declined leading to dismissal.

He indicated that upon applying to the NLC, the NLC wrote to the GHS to respond to certain queries concerning his dismissal but they declined, but instead proceeded to dismiss me.

Dr Ibrahim-Betonsi indicated that apart from the torture and the manner in which he was dehumanised by the GHS, he also went through trial and tribulation when he was dismissed for six years without pay and his SSNIT contributions not paid.

He indicated that upon realising that they had been misled, the GHS reinstated him in 2019 but had not paid his six years compensation and SSNITcontributions.

He noted that apart from that, the GHS did not credit him with his right promotion as he had three promotions withheld in attempt to punish him prior to his dismissal, stressing “in fact I should have been a medical doctor as of 2012 but was credited with that position in 2019”.

He stated that the action of his employer was not only against his human rights but was also contrary to the LabourLaws and stressed the need for the NLC to intervene on his behalf to help him get his compensation, SSNIT contribution and his right promotion.


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