Deplas Royal Hotel joins league of hospitality facilities in Accra

A new hospitality and event hosting hub, the Deplas Royal Hotel has opened in Mallam-Gbawe community.

Elder Samuel Abekah Sackey, the Chief Executive Officer of the hotel said the enabling environment in the tourism and hospitality industry coupled with the growing number of tourists visiting the country were the motivating factor to the putting up of the hotel.

 “We felt the need to set up a hotel at the west end of Accra that would be dedicated to satisfying the need of tourists and Ghanaian customers,” he said.

He said the hotel was also put up to take advantage of the government programme of “The Year of Return, Ghana 2019” which sought to invite African-Americans and many families from the diaspora to visit the country.

Mr Sackey said the initiative by the government could create the opportunity for many millions of tourists to visit Ghana saying, “in view of this we are well poised to attract the region’s fair share of tourists expected in Ghana in this year.”

He said the hotel would not want to be left out in the historic pilgrimage to welcome the diasporian family to Ghana saying “we are prepared to rub shoulders with the industry leaders in this regard.”

“We will partner with and engage the immediate community through provision of employment and supplies opportunities to boost the local economy,” he said.

Mr Sackey said as part of the core value of the new hotel, high premium would be placed on very clean working environment at all time.


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