Dep. Info Minister tasks ISD staff to educate public on E-Levy

Staff of the Information Service Department (ISD) have been tasked to devote time and resources to educate the public on the importance of the electronic levy (e-levy) introduced by the government for national development.

According to a Deputy Minister of Information, Fatimatu Abubakar, “you are expected to go deep into the communities with your vans to educate the people to understand why the need for the e-levy.”

“It is expected that Ghanaians in the remote areas will soon understand and contribute to the e-levy as you educate them”.

She was speaking at a day’s training for ISD staff drawn from all over the country to equip them to embark on public education to sensitise Ghanaians on the importance of the e-levy, here, on Monday.

She noted that over the years, the government had resourced the Department as one of its information machinery to be capable of disseminating or getting information and as such had contributed immensely to public education and sensitisation drive.

In view of this, she said, it is expected that you devote your time and resources to the education on e-levy to the remote communities for them to understand to contribute to national development, stressing “do not disappoint the Ministry of Information”.

A Deputy Finance Minister, Abena Osei Asare, on her part indicated that the e-levy was introduced to create an opportunity for all Ghanaians to contribute to national development, saying that “a lot of transactions are going on electronically which are untaxed”.

She said the e-levy was not a solution to the problems of the nation but to expand the tax base for national development.

The Deputy Minister indicated that at the end of year 2022, about GH¢80.1 billion was expected to be raked in from e-levy which would be used for salary payment of workers among others.

She urged the ISD staff to prepare the minds of Ghanaians to understand to accept the policy towards national development.


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