Delegation from Benin, Diaspora join Sowutuom Chiefs to mark Homowo

The Chief of Sowutuom Nsumfa Tradional Area, in the Ga Central Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Nii OsabuAkwei I over the weekend led his sub-chiefs and subjects to celebrate Homowo festival.

The festival witnessed some diplomatic corps from the diaspora and Adjarra Municipality of the Republic of Benin who joined in the celebration to also portray their culture.

The chiefs clad in all red amid pomp and pageantry walked through the principal streets of the town to sprinkle the traditional food ‘kpoikpoi.’

The sprinkle of the  ‘kpoikpoi’ signified hooting at hunger which marked the celebration of the Homowo festival after famine and hunger plagued the Gas during their migration from Israel through Nigeria to their present abode in Ghana before, they finally got food and fish in abundance that they could not even consume.

Addressing the media after the celebration, Nii Akwei I commended his people and the Adjarra community for honouring his call for a successful occasion.

He said their collaboration with the Benins was to show unity and oneness as Africans and called for peace and tranquility among his subjects and the people of Sowutuom to promote development.

“I am very much happy about the collaboration between the people of Benin as we learn each other’s culture to foster unity and also bring development. We’re also urging all other diasporas to repatriate and learn about their culture and also take back what they left behind,” he added.

The Mayor of Adjarra Municipality, Queme Department of the Republic of Benin, Mr GermainSourouWanvoegbe, expressed delight about the celebration saying it was an extent of the culture of Benin.

“We’re very happy about the honour done us to portray our culture and also learn from yours, so we believe this collaboration will be a lifetime which will bring development among us,” he stated.

He promised to establish a lot of projects within the Sowutuom Municipality inorder to merge the two culture and also build on their collaboration for better development.

Mr SourouWanvoegbe urged the youth to be unified and work together in order to retrieve all that was lost through the colonial masters adding “a country without a culture is like an empty country which cannot activate itself, so all these could be achieved through a celebration like this.”


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