Declare your stance on LGBTQI+ before seeking political office in 2024 …Dormaahene proposes

The Dormaa­hene, Osagyefo Oseadeeyo Dr Agyemang Badu II, has proposed that all who intend to seek election to any political office during the 2024 general election should be made to declare their stance on the controversial LGBTQI+ phenomenon.

Such a declaration, he con­tended, would help the elector­ate better determine who was fit enough to be voted into office.

“Those seeking political office during the 2024 elections should be made to declare their stance on LGBTQI+ to enable the electorate make informed choices on who is fit enough to be voted into office,” Osagyefo Dr Badu declared.

He urged President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to speak more clearly on the taboo subject and to reaffirm the citi­zenry position that lesbian and gay marriages were an abomination to Ghanaian norms, values, customs, tradition and practices.

Speaking to the chiefs and peo­ple of Dormaa during a clean-up exercise in Dormaa Ahenkro, the Dormaahene, who doubles as the President of the Bono Regional House of Chiefs, reiterated that Ghanaians would never accept same-sex marriage and sponsors of such an abomination needed to be told that in plain language.

“We will never accept same-sex marriage in our country and spon­sors of such abomination need to be told in plain language such marriage were against Ghanaian values, norms, customs and prac­tices,” Osagyefo Dr Badu warned.

He maintained that the practice would never be accepted, and sponsors of such an abomination would like to use money to influ­ence citizens to accept LGBTQI+ to keep their money because Ghanaians would not accept such influence.

“No section of the Ghanaian society, be they chiefs, tradition­alists, Christians, Muslims and politicians will accepts the practice which is not going to change today or tomorrow since they are vehemently against the practice of same-sex marriage so our leaders must not speak contrary to the desires of the people.

“I will lead series of protests against the president, his vice, any ministeror Member of Parlia­ment (MP) who declares support for LGBTQI+, with the view to getting them out of office even though I am aware traditional authorities are estopped from dabbling in partisan politics but I will descend into politics if need be, to defend the ‘non-negotiable’ national position,” Osagyefo Dr Badu vowed.

He insisted that leaders must not speak contrary to the desires of their people rather they must echo the people’s voice to repose

 trust, hope and confidence on them and appealed to the Speak­er of Parliament “not to subject voting on the issue to any secret voting but make it open so as each MP’s position will be clear to all.”

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