Deal swiftly with alleged corruption scandals–Govt urged

An aide to former President John Mahama, Joyce Bawa Mogtari, has urged the government to deal swiftly with alleged scandals sinking under the weight of unbridled corruption scandals.

 “Since assuming office in January 2017, the president has made it his style to swiftly clear all officials of his government who are allegedly found culpable in litany of corruption cases and acts of malfeasance.

“As shameful and embarrassing as it is, he has not shied away from publicly defending acts of malfeasance, alleged acts of corruption, improper conduct of appointees, when it comes to scandals, you have choice to allow them to drown out your administration or you act responsibly, not concern about the citizenry and not dealing swiftly to save your government from sinking,” Ms Mogtari bemoaned.

In a statement issued it stated that “from BOST scandal, cash-for-seats, Australia visa, PDS, PPA, NYA, the president has failed to act, civil society organisations have asked you to dissolve entire PPA board, while others have questioned your suspension of the chief executive of PPA, instead of outright dismissal.

“When I hear the Vice-President denigrating the High Office spending time insulting and pouring invectives on former President Mahama, I ask why don’t you remove the log from your eyes before you attempt to remove the speck from his eyes!

“The NPP in power for three years continue to play the ostrich, refusing to acknowledge challenges the citizenry are faced with, dire economic abyss, now-rife weekly scandals of corruption permeating every facet of the administration, appointment Martin Amidu, the Special Prosecutor, passage of  long-overdue Right to Information bill and spate of resignations as positive attempts by the government to stem graft.

“Where were all these apologists when the citizenry were made to believe NDC was corrupt government, administration dominated by family and friends, all projects showcased were tainted by corruption and should be rejected, now NPP has been in charge of the country for three years, where are all the lofty promises and pledges to be different and better?

“Economic wand of Dr Mahammudu Bawumia has since lost its lustre, shouts of anti-corruption crusaders muted, choking on deeper cases of corruption, the government now left ajar, only one solution remains to beg and cajole appointees to accept suspensions as way of keeping sinking ship afloat,” the statement said.

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