Dannex Ayrton determines to remain profitable despite challenges

The Board and Management of Dannex Ayrton Starwin PLC, a leading pharmaceutical company in the country, says it is determined to ensure that the company remains profitable, despite the current economic difficulties.

According to the board chair, Mr Nik Amarteifio, it was expected that the adverse economic conditions currently being experienced would persist through 2022 and spill over into 2023, however, the company was determined to ensure it stayed afloat.

“It is expected that the adverse economic conditions currently being experienced will persist through 2022 and spill over into 2023, nevertheless, the Board and Management of our company are determined to steer the affairs of this company in such a way that our company stays afloat and deliver sustainable returns for many years to come,” he said.

Speaking at the second annual general meeting of DAS PLC in Accra on Thursday, Mr Amarteifio said the company was working to become World Health Organisation’s Current Good Manufacturing Process as required by Food and Drugs Authority from the pharmaceutical industry in the country.

Mr Amarteifio said the board was looking forward in raising funds to support this dream and any other dreams of the company.

He said this would help them achieve their goals and to be a brand of choice they wanted in the country and beyond.

Giving back to the community, Mr Amarteifio said DAS PLC had a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which focused on health, education and community development which sought to involve the company, its employees and other relevant stakeholders in the communities it operated and in the country as a whole.

He said the company had engaged in various activities in collaboration with Healthcare institutions and donated products towards their initiatives and activities.

“The Company also initiated a National Free Deworming Campaign to sensitise communities on the need to deworm where Dewormers were distributed for free to churches, schools and institutions to that effect,” he added.

The Chief Executive Officer, Mr Daniel Apeagyei Kissi, said DAS PLC prime objective was to increase its market shares and revenue by selling more of their products, but not to increase prices.

“Our key agenda point for growing market share is to grow underline volume because you can grow your revenue either by selling more or increasing your prices and we are focusing more on selling more so once you sell more then your share goes up,” he added.

He said they also aimed at having foot print in the rest of African countries and beyond.

The meeting was to transact the Audited Financial statement together with the report of the Directors and Auditors for last year.

Also to appoint Mr Moritz Acquah, the Managing Director of Ghana Agro Food Company Limited as their new Director and to authorise the Directors to fix the remuneration of the Auditors for the year 2022.


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