Danger looms at Weija ridge, reservoir …as residents live in fear due to sandwinning

Residents at the Weija ridge and reservoir areas in Accra live in danger due to ongoing illegal sand winning activities in the area.

The activities have created deep gullies on either parts of the ridge, which resulted in landslides whenever there was a heavy rainfall.

A view of the degraded hill

This came to light when a multi-sectorial team on Friday embarked on a verification tour of Weija to access the level of risk caused by the activities of illegal mining to the ridge.

Referred to as the Liaison group, the team included officials from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Water Resources Commission, Minerals Commission, Forestry Commission, Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MLNR), Ghana Chamber of Mines, Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GGSA) and Ga South Municipal Assembly.

In an interview after the tour, the Acting Deputy Executive Director of EPA in charge of Operations, Ransford Sakyi, said the group observed that activities of illegal mining had destabilised the ridge, posing danger to residents and affected the buildings on top and beneath it.

He explained that the situation since the last visit had worsened and could lead to disastrous consequences if not curtailed.

“I think it is time that we act as a nation on this problem. We are not doomsayers, but the fact must be said that there is a potential problem if nothing is done,” he added.

Mr Sakyi said the best approach now was to stabilise the ridge and rehabilitate it with a channel created for free drainage while recoveringthe surface.

He reiterated the need for landowners to be engaged and educated on the impending danger looming at the site.

The Principal Seismologist at the GGSA, Nicolas Opoku, said the mining activities had exposed the softer rocks which were responsive to weather conditions.

“Overtime, where we are standing will be eroded and it will start eating deep into the lower parts of the mountain,” he said.

He cautioned against continuous mining and sand winning around the ridge and reservoir areas, adding that it could have devastating effect on residents and the country at large if not checked.


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