Czech medical team performs 42 surgeries at Tamale Teaching Hospital

A team of medical practitioners from Czech Republic has conducted 42 surgeries on breast cancer, malignant tumors and vaginal diseases at the Tamale Teaching Hospital for women free of charge.

The team used five days to conduct all the surgeries with some cases taking up to seven hours, Dr Vit Weinberger, leader of the team and Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University Hospital BRNO and Masaryk University,  told the Ghanaian Times last Friday in an interview.

The team included four Gynaecologists, one Anaesthiologist and one instrumental nurse.

He said the beneficiaries were mostly women who could not pay for these medical services.

Dr Weinberger said the surgeries and diseases treated included uterine prolapsed – hysterectomy with bilateral salpigo-oophorectomy and vaginal pexis. 

He said the team performed myomectomy for uterine fibroids, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, vulva cancer, breast cancer-mastectomy, vesico-vaginal and uretro-vaginal fistula and fistula repair.

Dr Weinberger attributed the cause of these diseases to lack of screening, prevention and early detection and urged people who suffer the conditions to seek early treatment.

He said the Czech Republic was funding the medical outreach programme which started in 2019, through the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Dr Weinberger stated that the Ministry of Internal Affairs intended to sharpen the skills of Gynaecologists, Anesthesiologists and Instrumental nurses from the Tamale Teaching Hospital in Czech Republic to enable them to treat medical conditions with ease.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador of Czech Republic to Ghana, Mr Jan Fuŕy, said another team of medical doctors would soon visit Ghana for a similar medical outreach in the Central Region. 


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