Cyclist killed by truck driver

A budding Ghanaian cyclist Elorm Kwaku Dade (Jerome) died on Saturday after he was crushed by a truck on the Tema High Way while returning from training at Mepe in the Volta region.

The Eagle Riders’ cyclist died on the spot while three other cyclists he was riding with narrowly escaped the crash as they were few metres apart.

Following the sad demise of Jerome, the cycling fraternity raised concerns about the recklessness of drivers and the ‘gross’ disregard for cyclists on roads across the country.

In 2015, Ghana’s top cyclist, Samuel Anim, met his untimely death in the same fashion while training on the Aburi Mountains.

Mrs Angel Bertino, a cycling enthusiast and mother of Ghana’s autistic cyclist, Young Phil Bertino, told the Times Sports yesterday that a demonstration had been earmarked by cyclists to register their displeasure.

“The death of a cyclist is one too many and efforts must be made to ensure the safety of all road users in the country.

“Drivers should take their time when they see cyclists on the road while I would encourage cyclists to be extra careful when riding,” she added.

Cyclists, she said, following the incident, were contemplating quitting the sport as they feared for the lives on the roads.

On his part, cycling patron Mr Kofi Boakye said till there were specific lanes for cyclists and motor riders, road users must accommodate each other.

“Be careful, safety-minded and defensive while training in order to avoid such occurrences on our roads,” he said.

Founder of Eagle Riders Club, Emmanuel Antwi, said the death of their cyclist was a big blow to them and the sporting fraternity as a whole.

He said a public ride would be held in his honour on Saturday while final funeral rites would be scheduled for next month.


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