‘Create more opportunities for women to aspire to leadership positions’

The Acting Eastern Regional Director for Gender, Mrs Juliana Abbey, has called on stakeholders to create more opportunities for women to take up leadership positions in the country towards gender equality.

According to her, the patriarchal society in Africa, where women were viewed as people, who have to be led has been the status quo, arguing that if more women took up leadership positions it would encourage others to step up.

“Even though a lot has been done by stakeholders and governments to encourage more women into leadership positions, there is still a few of them in leadership positions. Let’s create opportunities in schools, institutions among others to get more of them in such top decision making positions,” Mrs Abbeyquaye said.

She said such moves would help in achieving the gender equality which is goal 5 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Mrs Abbeyquaye made the call in an interview with the Ghanaian Times on how the country could empower women into leadership positions for national development.

She indicated that since the inception of the International Women’s Day, many stakeholders, including the Department of Gender, have advocated gender parity, “to push more women into leadership position.”

Mrs Abbeyquaye said there was still a huge gap considering the ratio of women to men in leadership positions.


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