Create enabling environment for women in music – Kofi Mole

Celebrated hip hop artiste, Kofi Mole has urged public event organisers to create an enabling environment for women to perform at public events.

He therefore, implored women to avail themselves with the opportunities in the entertainment industry to bridge the gender gap.

The music industry currently is dominated by men, from record label signing to bands in local pubs and national show gigs.

Leading female musicians and industry figures attributed the intimidation women face in the industry to the childhood exclusion of girls to play guitar or join bands.

The “Don’t be late” hit maker explained that women have unique vocal prowess and their participation in the entertainment scene would even challenge the men to uphold their vocal strength.

He regretted that women were being sidelined and underscored the need to involve them to serve as mentors to others.

Kofi Mole also encouraged women to break the boundaries to unleash their full potentials and advised various labels to sign them without demanding amorous relationship in return.

The multi-hit maker observed that men who sign women and harass them sexually infringe their rights and trample on their dignity, thus urged them to desist from the act.

He maintained that women were natural spice who bring success and needed to compete evenly with their male counterparts to make the industry excel.

Known in real life as Edward Kofi Agyemang Amoah, he released his second external play (EP), a mini album, titled “Aposor Love” last year, which had five tracks and got his name on the spotlight after the release of ‘Mensah’ in 2018.

He told Times Weekend (TW) in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that last year, he received about three awards and currently has received three nominations for 3music Awards and is planning to release a new single two weeks from now.

The track dubbed “Ya bre” featured highlife singer Fameye and it is an afro beat which addresses hardship of life that makes humans give up on their hustle.


TW: Did you encounter any challenge when you decided to be a musician?

Mole: Yes! My parents did not like the musical idea because l was schooling and left it to pursue music.

TW: Which school was that?

Mole: I was at University of Ghana Legon, studying psychology and religion but I reached level 200 before joining the ‘Ground up Chale,’ a movement headed By Kwesi Arthur, which groomed me to be the musician I am now.

TW: Has your mom accepted your music and your beautiful hair style?

Mole: Hahahaha…my mom is the religious type. My hairstyle and other myths about music make it really hard for her to accept but now it is getting better.

TW: Do you have intention to continue your education?

Mole: Yes, but not for now. I am doing lots of projects.

TW: How did you join the Ground up Chale?

Mole: I met my manager and he joined me to the movement.

TW: When did you become a professional musician?

Mole: 2017, I released my maiden EP which had 10 tracks within that year.

TW: What inspires you when writing your music?

Mole: My personal life especially my relationship. I wrote “Bestie” with my girlfriend, Cocotrey in mind, the rest were written out of my past love experience.

TW: What was your major challenge when you started singing?

Mole: Promotion of my music.

TW: Did you ever feel like seeking support from a ‘juju’ man to promote your music?

Mole: No! This is another reason my mom was scared to accept my profession.

TW: You are a Christian I suppose?

Mole: No! I don’t do what Christians do but I believe in God and Karma. I know whatever goes around comes around.

TW: What is your favourite part in this line of work?

Mole: When I am performing and entertaining my fans.

TW: As a hardcore artiste, do you take any substance to aid you while performing?

Mole: I make sure I eat well before I go on stage and I also drink water.

TW: What was your breakthrough year?

Mole: Last year I mean 2019.

TW: What is the best advice you have been given?

Mole: I actually don’t listen to advice.

TW: How has the internet impacted the music industry?

Mole: It has helped musicians to sell their work to vast number of audience and getting closer to their fans. Gone are the days that musicians are only restricted to radio and television, internet has helped us to explore and create a big fan base.

TW: I realise you have great fans…

Mole: Yeah, because I do good music and also sold second hand clothes at ‘Kanta’ so my customers joined my fan-base.

TW: Wow! If you can have fans remember you for one thing what will that be?

Mole: My music. I also have lots in line so they should just give me three years to get to know me better.

TW: Which categories were you nominated for in the 3music Awards?

Mole: I was nominated for Hip hop song of the year, Breakthrough act of the year and Hip life/Hip hop act of the year.

TW: Did you file for VGMA?

Mole: Yes!

TW: What should fans expect from you?

Mole: They should expect me as the winner but should vote massively for me to come home with the awards. I love them all.

TW: Thank you for your time!

Mole: You are welcome.


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