Create enabling environment for financial technology, e-commerce to thrive …BoG urged

The Growth Africa Director of Taptap Send, an international remittance firm, Mr Garryl Kwaku Mawutor Abraham, has called on the Bank of Ghana to create an enabling environment for the financial technology and e-commerce sectors to thrive.

That, he said would help the country to reap the unlimited benefits of financial technology and e-commerce.

Mr Abraham disclosed this at the 10th Special TECH IN GHANA forum which ended on Thursday at the Digital Centre in Accra , an event jointly sponsored by Taptap Send, and said Ghana’s current economic state required the support and collaboration of all sectors especially entities operating in the electronic transfer of funds.

He said the regulatory bodies’ financial technology and e-commerce sectors must be friendlier and open to players in that space.

Mr Abraham stressed that the Bank of Ghana had performed creditably in its relationship and interactions with remittance companies but needed to do more in creating an enabling environment so as to accelerate the pace of the country in catching up with global financial digital transactions.

He said an amount of $4.5 billion was transferred into the country in 2021, representing more than 70 per cent of total inflow of funds thus helping in no small way with the economy and in particular the ordinary Ghanaian citizens.

In addition to the capital inflow, Mr Abraham said the financial eco-system also provided employment opportunities for the youth, helping to reduce the general stress in the country.

He said Taptap Send, a Ghanaian fintech product did not charge any fee for its services to both the sender and recipient.

The two-day TECH IN GHANA conference brought together key players, influencers and brand multi-national organisations from across the globe to share knowledge, compare notes and network for the upliftment of the financial technological eco-system particularly in Ghana.


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